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Realize a full return on your CRM investment through specialized services, reports, and tools.

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Many firms see their CRM system as an essential tool but are missing out on how to fully deploy and integrate it in a way that can deliver greater business value.

Wilson Allen has combined the collective expertise of our data and practice management system specialists to remedy this situation with a focused CRM practice. This follows our merger with Stanton Allen in 2018, who brings 10 years of CRM experience to our team.

We develop software and provide services to help you make the best use of CRM technology. Whether you’re in the early stages of a CRM implementation or have a system in place, our team can help your firm realize the full return on its CRM investment.

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CRM Expertise

The CRM landscape for firms has changed dramatically. Firms need to understand what their goals are, the challenges that they will face and the options available to them when it comes to investing in technology. Wilson Allen works with a large number of CRM platforms and systems including Intapp OnePlace, InterAction, Introhive, Legal360, Microsoft Dynamics, Peppermint, and Salesforce, turning our experience and your vision into a practical roadmap to implement or re-launch CRM and then helping you deliver the plan.

Choosing the right system is only part of the solution. Firms need to understand how to manage their data. This needs to include understanding how they can leverage passive data management, integration, machine learning, workflow as well as how to implement the best team to oversee this process. Wilson Allen also has a huge library of tips and tricks and tools for cleaning up data, whether we’re undertaking specific cleaning tasks or coaching and assisting your team to do so in-house.

Data Audit & Data Migration

Whether you’re embarking on the implementation of a new system or cleaning out your old one, you need to get a handle on your data. Our unique approach to consolidating, scoring and tiering data has been tried and tested for over a decade and has been the foundation for many implementations. We are able to work with data migrations to a wide range of products including Intapp OnePlace, InterAction, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Peppermint. Whatever your data analysis, cleaning or migration issues Wilson Allen can help.

One of the key ways in which CRM teams can engage their users with their system is to provide meaningful output. Wilson Allen has extensive experience in helping firms to develop the strategy, to design reports and to create reports using a combination of tools including SSRS and Power BI. Wilson Allen has a suite of reports and dashboards which are compatible with a number of CRM platforms including cross-selling, referral tracking, marketing activity, and business development activity reporting. In addition we have a ScoreCard which measures data quality and user behavior in a graphical format and provides league tables for comparison which has helped a large number of firms really drive engagement.

Most firms now have an emarketing or ERM solution plugged-in to their CRM. Wilson Allen offers consultancy and support around how to use these effectively with CRM across a range of different platforms including, Introhive, Concep, gwabbit (Intapp Relationships), ContactNet, Hubspot.

Data Audit & Data Migration

For firms with CRM implementations, we can assist with writing new or troubleshooting or amending existing integrations. Our focus is typically in assisting firms with integrations with time and billing systems (3E, Elite Enterprise, Aderant, and Envision) and also HR systems to manage the flow of joiners, leavers, and alumni. Integration with these systems can dramatically reduce the burden of data management on already stretched CRM resources and delivers tangible benefit very quickly.

We recognize more and more clients want to undertake work in-house so we can provide training for a range of CRM systems in data management and cleaning techniques. We specialize in helping firms define, for example, their rules for company research and cleaning, including guides on the best external data sources (Dun & Bradstreet, BVD, Cap IQ) and how to use them to best effect. Our team has extensive experience in helping firms get the most out of their CRM and their focus is to help you do the same.

CRM Scoping Services: Build a Road Map

To meet today’s expectations for growth, many successful businesses are placing client data at the heart of all effective decision-making. Firms are looking at CRM as a program with the objective of combining data from multiple systems to deliver insights that stakeholders can use to enhance service and performance. As such, firms are looking to answer questions such as:

Where is the work going to originate?

What are the most influential business development and marketing activities? 

How do we track our experience and present the most relevant credentials to our potential clients?

Which of my colleagues has relevant experience that I can recommend to my clients?

To find the answers to the questions now being asked, your firm can leverage its existing investments in technology, data, and people. The challenge is, how do you unlock the value of your firm’s extensive repositories of relationship intelligence, knowledge, and expertise?

Wilson Allen offers a full range of consulting and advisory services that help firms do just that. For example, with our CRM Scoping services, our team of CRM experts will review where your firm is on its CRM transformation journey, capture where it wants to go, and, most importantly, guide you on how to get there (see the table). We’ll guide each step of the journey for whichever path best meets your firm’s needs.

New Priorities for CRM

CRM Scoping Services: Build a Road Map

Explore “Redefining the CRM Agenda”

See how firms are succeeding in their quest to use CRM technology to keep pace with changing market dynamics. Explore this publication that features subject-matter experts from Wilson Allen, Bevan Brittan, Mintz, McMillan, Wedlake Bell, and ClearlyRated.


Data Management Solutions

Manage your data better with our specialized Data Segmentation, Data Quality, and Data Governance tools and expertise.

Data Segmentation Applications

Contact Scoring

Functional Role

Relationship Manager

Perform automatic scoring of contacts and companies based on a range of different criteria. The Contact Scoring module enables CRM teams to automatically rank companies and contacts based on their importance to the firm and develop data management strategies around those rankings. There is also significant business development benefit as it enables business development teams to identify where contacts are engaged and more importantly potentially where they are not. The Functional Role module assists you with the often-difficult task of classifying contacts based on their role, specialization, and seniority by searching for key words contained in the contact’s job title and department and then assigning a set of additional fields to classify this data. You can tailor both the key words and the additional field values although the tool comes pre-populated with hundreds of thousands of pre-defined mappings. Firms often struggle to keep relationships and “My Contacts” in line for users. The Relationship Manager module changes relationships automatically in certain circumstances such as when someone leaves the firm, or when a user deletes a contact from their “My Contacts”. The application can also create relationships when one doesn’t exist – for example, if a user has sponsored a contact on a marketing list but not created a “knows” relationship.

Data Quality Applications

Data Confidence

Domain Email Validator


The Data Confidence module uses an automated process to analyze data and then rank it according to the method and recency of any data validation activities based on the user that made the update, what was updated, and when. For example, if a trusted data steward made the update recently then this receives a high confidence score. The Domain Email Validator module identifies where a contact has personal email addresses e.g. yahoo and links these automatically into a folder so that a data management user can validate if the correct permissions exist to use the personal email address and that the address is classified correctly e.g. sometimes they are flagged as business. Archiving contacts manually in InterAction is a time-consuming process and if contacts remain associated with publicly visible entities, they can still be found. The Auto Archive module enables an administrator to archive contacts from the system with a restore option if needed on a case-by-case basis.

Data Governance Service

Wilson Allen helps firms maintain the quality of important data through the development of a data governance framework that includes:

Segmenting data and create an “ideal record” definition:

This effort then results in:

  • What fields the firm wants to track
  • How data will be gathered (e.g. through automation, integration, or manually)
  • Who has responsibility for that data
  • The creation of a KPI framework including the metrics that will be used to demonstrate progress and how will that be reported to the business
  • What training needs to be in place to ensure that users understand their obligations
  • How does the data governance framework connect to other workstreams and systems across the firm

Why Wilson Allen for CRM Projects?

Download this infographic for an overview of Wilson Allen’s CRM capabilities. You’ll find a summary of our expertise and experience, the types of clients we serve, our team dynamics, and more.


CRM Resources


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Connect Client Data to Drive Growth

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